Indigenous Relations

We believe that responsible business activity involves meaningful inclusion and a deep respect for Indigenous cultures and values.

At  Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies, our goal is to provide an opportunity to all First Nation, Metis and Inuit Communities through direct hire as well as joint venture partnerships.

Haisla First Nation

Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies is honoured to be partnering with the Haisla First Nation. The commitment to our partnership with the Haisla Nation ensures the community receives long-term socio-economic benefits through employment, training and career development for all Haisla members. The commitment of Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies, is to work with all Indigenous and non-Indigenous Communities.

Supporting Communities

Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies is committed to supporting the communities in which we operate and reside. Our community engagement plan in the local region of Regional District of Kitimat Stikine, inclusive of the District Municipality of Kitimat and City of Terrace and surrounding areas includes; support for the health and vibrancy of the communities as it relates to the priority of youth, health, education, sport and economic development.

Activities within the local and Indigenous communities are dependent on earned trust and demonstrated understanding of and respect for cultural values, environmental and economic issues that affect the local community.

As a pillar of the Kitimat community, JHW often supports the community in financial support or in-kind services for numerous sporting and community organizations.

Hiring Local Talent

Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies has a long history of hiring local talent. Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies encourages all who wish to work for this growing company to make Kitimat their home.

Ah Aya Goh Group of Companies is committed to enhancing our local hire with dedicated resources working with Indigenous and local groups and with our project execution team to ensure that commitments and goals for the project are being met.

Maximize Local Employment

It is in our best interest to maximize local employment on our projects due to:

  • Economic benefit of employing qualified and capable persons from the local area
  • Employing persons who have knowledge of the politics, procedures and customs of the local area
  • Advantageously utilizing and developing a talented, capable and skilled workforce within the Aboriginal and local population; and
  • Employing persons on a regular basis thereby providing them employment continuity during all economic conditions and marketable skills transferrable to other regions or industries.

We are committed to the growth and prosperity of our employees, our clients and community; constantly striving to raise the bar of excellence.

Our Commitment

Health Safety & Environment

Ah Aya Goh Corporation firmly believes that all contractors working with Ah Aya Goh Corporation are valued assets to our organization and we are committed to protecting their health and safety as if they were direct employees of Ah Aya Goh Corporation. Mutual respect for property, workers, and the environment are strong expectations at Ah Aya Goh Corporation.